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Neil Werden : Watford
Neil is a self- made carpenter/woodworker who enjoys building birdhouses, natural creations and musical instruments from old reclaimed building materials and discards. These make great functional and decorator pieces for the garden, shed, cottage or man cave as well as art for the home.
These rustic pieces are available at The Art Shop in Watford and at his own shop at 236 Cromwell St. in Sarnia.

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Jennelle Melo : Arkona
I love to create things; I also like collecting skills and wearable art has fascinated me for as long as I can remember.
I love learning about mostly everything, but especially geology and jewels. I find the whole process starting from the earth bound carbon molecules to the finishing rock polish and silver linings delightful!
I love taking pictures as well; they hold so much emotion, and beauty. They stamp out our place in time.
I have two little babies who have become my latest little works of art and it's so grand that I can support my loves with other hobbies I love!

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Dianne Sing : London
My name is Dianne Sing and I am the artist for Sticks and Stones Rustic Art. My art includes sea glass and pebble art, wood burning, painting, and jewelry, including beach glass, beach stone and gemstone jewelry. Up cycling and recycling are very important to me.

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Marc-Sonja Stott : Watford
An artist who is a masked storyteller, who uses painting, photography, as well as own self in a type of "living artform". My themes are about masks and identity. I explore these themes through my work. We all wear masks in our day to day lives as we play the different roles. My exploration is about putting our masks and identity out for exploration, both of others and our own self. I use masks regularly in my own "live art" as part of that exploration. I like to say "many wear masks to hide who they are, I wear masks to show who I am"

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Anna Young : Wallacetown
Anna is a self-taught artist who paints what inspires her; landscapes, waterscapes, beaches and waterfalls. She is a pleasure to watch while she paints. See her work.

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Kirsten Slaney : Watford
Hi, Thanks for visiting!

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Corynne Martin : Watford
Hi there, thanks for visiting

Featured Artist
Tracy Lee Tobin : Wyoming
Tracy is a self taught artist, working primarly in acrylic medium but also enjoys the challenge of graphite, watercolour and pastel. Tracy also loves creating wire and bead accessories and keepsakes.

Tracy is known for her vibrant and colourful nature themed paintings.
She feels most inspiration and passion through her love of wild life.

If you are looking for something unique, do not hesitate to contact Tracy... she loves working along side a customer on commissioned pieces.

"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere."
Vincent van Gogh

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Francis Martin : Watford
Hi! My name is Francis Martin. I'm a self tought French Canadian Artist.

Featured Artist
Rochelle Crete : Watford, Ontario
I am an Artist of many forms, mainly working in glass and ceramics. I also work in Jewelry and Metalsmithing as well as oil and acrylic painting and digital arts. I love working with found items and I reuse and recycle as often as possible. I have studied Jewelry & Metalsmithing as well as Ceramics at Eastern Michigan University. I have also taken classes at London Clay Art Centre in London, Ontario. I find inspiration in so many things. I love nature and find much inspiration there. I also like simplicity as well as an organic look at times. I absolutely love colour and use it frequently as you can see in my fused glass pendants. My faith also inspires me in my art work and my artwork serves as a ministry as well, as the gift giver in me gives many away to bless others. I also donate to many fundraisers that I support.

I offer classes and workshops at the art shop and my home studio as well.

Featured Artist
DMW Wright : Warwick Township
My curiosity compels me to explore how things are made or why things work; artful, crafted or interesting objects, and things with moving parts. This leads me to learn to use new tools and materials. I love machines. 

Curiosity inspires me to explore how things are done. 

I love learning how to do things and am distracted by colour, form and motion. Yes, that squirrel. I love to encourage and assist others who are also curious. (or perhaps immobilized) 

I am fascinated by creativity and divergent thinking. I wonder what causes adults to narrow their focus of possibility and I want to help to open it up again. I have been told that a change in perspective helps to eliminate barriers, Beliefs are powerful roadblocks. I am a coach. I support people int he pursuit of their goals. I believe everyone has a right to express themselves artisically through visual arts, music, poetry, without judgment. Children are very good company. Their imaginations have no limits. I am also constantly looking for people of any age who are willing to play freely, try to do without rules (safety excepted) and without judgement.
Our failures are great teachers. For children, this is essential learning. Let's figure it out. Let's be willing to find our way, to embrace, enjoy and learn from our imperfect achievements. 

I have learned to draw. This started with a chance encounter with a teacher who had already had her 90th birthday. She taught me to be observant and patient in my process. Her gift to me continues to keep me optimistic. Since then, I seek new teachers. For my learning, I enjoy those who are creative in their approach to life; they take chances, laugh easily and demonstrate flexibility.

“Eleanor was right. She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn't supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.”
Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor & Park